Wednesday, 17 December 2008


One thing I shall miss on moving from the Hebrides are the rainbows - they are amazing mainly because of the air quality - no pollution and the colours are so clear. Big bands of colour and beautiful arches - still looking for the post of gold, haven't found one yet! These pics were taken on the road at Dun Carloway (going to the mill!), you can just see a secondary rainbow to the left of the main rainbow. The end of the rainbow went into the loch maybe there is no pot of gold if it finishes in the water!
You have seen pics of baby Lamsey well here she is very grown up and looking very glamorous - well in sheep terms she is good looking with the toe of someone's welly in the bottom of the picture. Here is Hamish looking forlorn he was refusing to eat as he frequently does. He is offered Caesar, aren't ALL westies supposed to love it? Well Hamish doesn't - sheep poo mmmm yummy but dog food no! We have these battles - major guilt trips for me, he has not eaten for 3 days as he protests about whatever is in his bowl. He does like brown toast with butter and marmalade but who wouldn't? Hamish is laying on a Harris tweed shawl from weaver in Shawbost, it washes beautifully on 30c, doesn't felt and looks as bright as did when it was new - adverts over.
The garden doesn't look like this now - Lamsey has given it a quick trim and it is now very bare and well clipped. It will look beautiful next summer after the pruning it has had this autumn!
Getting the dog sweater/coat on the needles.


  1. You're very quiet thought you'd be writing alot more...hope you didn't get blown into the west loch last night....perhaps you are already in St Kilda with no internet connection

  2. I think we are still here - no power for hours so sat by the fire and knitted. Lamseys shelter got blown down west loch or up the clisham - not too sure, lights are still flickering so it may go off again. Tarbert is still off now! Will try to write more - I promise!