Monday, 15 December 2008

bear, tinshed and house

I am Leda (aka Shortlegs the sheep) and I knit and work in tweed, bake bread, do some calligraphy and a bit of photography too all under the name of the Tin Shed. I am about to move from the beautiful island of Harris to the Yorkshire Wolds to a big old farmhouse and although I will not have a tin shed there the name will continue.
The big move is happening at the beginning of January. Kenny MacLennan is going to try to get the big lorry down the drive to load - the drive is narrow and has dry stone walls just inside the gates - should be fun! Running up to the move I have been having major clear out of stuff - furniture, household things, garden furniture and pots, a wooden big bear who has gone to live in Aird Ashaig and lots of other things which will please Kenny, who, when he moved us into this house said he had never seem so much stuff!
Have joined forces with my friends Sheila (Scalpay Linen) and Joan (Harristweedbagandsocks) in creating a blog. The three of us together formed SassyGael during Summer 2008 - to promote local craft fairs in Harris for local craftspeople. We had a very successful season - happy craftspeople and happy customers! Sheila and Joan are going to continue with SassyGael next season. We all had a great time and learned a great deal from each other and about ourselves too!
Anyway the three of us are going out next week with Lizzie , my daughter, who is home from University for Christmas. Lizzie is studying textiles at University and her dissertation is going to be around Harris Tweed. Our favourite haunt (the only haunt really on Harris) is the Inn - we usually eat scampi and puddings but this time it will be Christmas fare.
I have been knitting socks for Christmas presents using self patterning wools mainly in stripes, it is really fun to work with. Will get some photo taken so that you can see. Will also be selling these socks in the new year.
Went to the mill last week and picked up a lot of hanked 100% wool in good colours - a lovely raspberry, purple, donkey brown, navy, peaty brown and a foresty green as well as some tweed which I am going to make into big bucket shaped bags lined with hessian for dumping the knitting in or magazines or even logs!

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