Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New home for Lamsey

Well the big day has arrived - Lamsey is moving to her new home at the Outend on Scalpay. We sat waiting outside for Sheila and John Finlay to arrive, Lamsey was a bit confused as all the things were happening that would normally mean food - the tinshed door was open, Tony and Leda were mooching around the yard, talking to Hamish and Lamsey but no food. Sheila and JF arrived in the big blue truck with Bramble the collie and Heather the terrier. Before Lamsey could be moved the earring had to go in - a lovely lilac one, all done very painlessly in the expert hands of JF and then into the back of the carpeted truck and off to the new home and food! Hamish, Bramble and Heather all dashing round the house yapping and being generally doggy. Joan arrived from up the drive to see the leaving! It was Joan who had been involved in the rescue of the very young Lamsey. Sheila brought some eggs from her flock - you can see pics of them on her blog and some lovely yarn that she had spun from the rovings that were hooked out of the skip by me a week or so ago. Sheila is going to call it carloway yarn, the textures are great here is a pic of the yarn in various stages of processing, it is soft and nubbly, not sure what to do with it but I think a hat and maybe a neckwarmer with the very soft yarn that Sheila has spun with silk - it is beautiful - thank you!
Keep an eye on Sheila's blog for more Lamsey news and Happy New Year

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  1. Good luck, Lamsey!

    It's a very cute little sheep - I love it!

    Have a nice day,
    greetings from Germany,