Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Lamsey, bits of paper, sox and wool

Have been having a chat with my friend Sheila about her adopting the lamb and all the paperwork that is involved, anyway Sheila will speak to Donald John, the crofter at this end, and Lamsey can be moved so watch this blog and Sheila's blog for more news on Lamsey. Anyway Lamsey - who had a bit of a rough start in life is now 6 months old and has an amazing fleece, she is blackface/cheviot x. The fleece when parted looks as if it has been crimped and Sheila (weaver and spinner) has been licking her lips since first seeing Lamsey during the summer. However Lamsey has taken the hump today for no particular reason - I shall put it down to hormones! She is trying very hard to turn her back on me however, mine is the hand that feeds her! Hamish the westie and Lamsey spend most of their day tearing around the garden together, she doesn't understand when Hamish comes inside and wants to follow him in, she sits outside the door slumped on the doorstep meehhing loudly to anyone who will listen and generally telling everyone how badly treated she is! The picture shows her when she was days old. You can see why she wants to get inside - maybe she would like to join Hamish on the sofa!
Here are some pics of my socks that I have knitted for christmas pressies, I will be making some more for sale after the big move to Yorkshire on January 5th. Look at the the lovely handpainted merino wool that has come from Oz and the undyed lopi wool - not sure what I am going to do with the merino wool but the lopi is going to be made into a chunky throw - thought about weaving other textures through it once it is made - ribbon, string, piping cord - will see what it looks like when knitted up on big needles, thought I would knit it as a diamond just to add interest. Lizzie will be home next week and will no doubt have an opinion and lots of ideas! Going to use the pale green tweed to make a very smart sweater coat for Hamish, he had a trim, shampoo and set last week and is feeling the cold a bit - although he keeps jumping in the burn and getting very wet up to his knees. He had a bad experience when he was little down on South Uist when he ran out into the sea not realising that waves can be very big - since then he has been very careful about just how much he is prepared to get wet! Being a westie and frightened of water does have it's limitations!
Isn't this tray lovely - it's been painted by a friend Abi, who lives in Leverburgh. She paints these beautiful trays with either a crab, oystercatcher, gull or lobster. She also paints plaques with similar designs. It is so lovely I am rather reluctant to use it!
I am sending Shelter e cards this year to my friends whose e mail addresses I have, they are free and the idea is that you make a donation - great idea.
Tony (my husband) has just made some bread and the smell ... mmm think I'll go and cut a doorstep - whoops there goes the healthy eating - the bread is not the problem it's the butter and the jam!


  1. Looking forward to Daisy moving in. We have the paperwork under control and have told the black sheep they are to be welcoming and friendly as she will be joining them and hopefully becoming part of our four-horned rams' harem next November. We already have two Cheviot/Hebridean crosses who are very nice and have beautiful spotty little lambs. Ahh, can't wait for lambing.