Tuesday, 30 December 2008

belated christmas, home,beaches and lamsey

The others, Joan and Sheila, live on the Minch side of the island whereas I live on the blowy side! Sheltered at the head of a sea loch that opens onto the North Atlantic, we are sheltered by Taransay but I just think it funnels the wind through making it even more wild! Anyway here are some pics - of the house with the mountains, one of the beach at the end of the road - Huisinis with white shell sand and turquoise water, the island in the distance is Taransay.
Christmas was over very quickly because of the move! The packing continues - my friend Michele came round today to help and we did quite a few cartons but I do need the bubble wrap - hopefully it will arrive tomorrow!
Lamsey is moving to Sheila and John Finlay's tomorrow, they are coming to collect her in the morning. She has been 'mehing' at the window today and generally objecting to the weather and perhaps not having too much company because I am busy with the packing! Here are some pics of her at a day old! John Finlay is looking forward to having her and has planned a cheviot/blackface x with black hebridean. Sheila is licking her lips at the thought of the fleeces that will come from this pairing!
Knitting is on hold at present, have got some colourful socks on the pins as well as a hat from some plant dyed wool that Joan gave me for Christmas. It is lovely to knit with and the colour is great - will get some pics for you!

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