Friday, 1 July 2011

Time flies!

wow nearly a year has passed since I last wrote on here! What a year it has been - the crafting has taken a big back seat! Have had a lot to deal with personally - got divorced and had a recurrence of the acoustic neuroma - the total excision of 2005 unfortunately was not quite as total as thought - and it grew again, just 1.2cms at discovery - wee compared to the whopper of 2005 at 4.2cms. This one treated by gamma knife at St James' Leeds in March. Gamma knife is a form of radiotherapy - so have had all the post radiotherapy type things - the main one being fatigue! All okay now - big neuro appointment day before my birthday in July. Weight loss has continued and is now about 6.5 st and still going down! Rachel is warning of lolly pop head - I don't think so!
Hamish is fine - having to get used to a changed lifestyle as there is just me now - means that sometimes he is left alone for short periods, try to take him with me everywhere but not always possible. Still fussy with his eating!
The back garden here has been turned over to veg growing, have a big greenhouse with toms, cues, courgettes, peppers and in the garden beans and broccoli - will get some pics done.
Have enjoyed the opening of the Hepworth gallery in Wakefield, love the spaces, the exhibits and the views of the river - a good place to be.
Plans to return to the Hebrides in September to stay with friend Jan at Drinishader - her ex was the bridge builder at Buna, hopefully by then the worst of the midge will have passed, also going to spend some time with Michelle who has moved upto Gravir on Lewis, looking forward to going back and plan to drift up to Skye and view the scenery over a couple of days rather than doing the dash it always was to get back to the island as soon as possible! More soon!