Monday, 31 December 2012

Long time since I blogged, big changes personally emotionally professionally going to be reflected in my musings - bit of a move away from previous twee cosiness to the organised chaos of a single 58 year old ageing hippy who finds it hard to settle in one place having moved ten times since 2000 - from the south to the outer hebrides via greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria, Argyll - then Lewis and Harris, back to Yorkshire Wolds and now Wakefield.  Will natter on about daily life, my historical stuff, my fab kids, my lovely friends here and throughout the UK, the gorgeous man in my life, the knitting and yarnbombing - just all the stuff I do!  Encouraged by friends to write it all down - some names will have been changed to avoid embarrassment or 'exposure' but it will be evident to those who know me who's who!  Written with love and humour.