Sunday, 24 January 2010

Lots of things happening ...

Well we are betwixt two houses at present! The cookware is in one and we are in the other, quite deliberate! Don't intend to be multitasking whilst moving - so it's carry out curry again! My husband does not need any encouragement!
What fun we have been having - the snow thawed and we have seen the back of most of it although there is still a mountain in the yard that was cleared from the driveway. More fun when the loo started making noises that sounded as if it was going to bite! Then the dishwasher started bleeping and sending weird messages and refusing to work so we were not surprised at the gurgling sound coming from the wet room as a fountain of raw sewage shot up through the wet room drain - it being the lowest point in the house. Called Bob the dyno rod who arrived within 30 minutes, septic tank needs emptying he said, no it's nice and crusty (healthy septic tank), the feed pipe was blocked not with babywipes or other unfriendly to septic tank things but with the inside of the inspection chamber lining which had cracked in the frost and snow and fallen into the feed pipe - three huge chunks of cement. The loo isn't talking to us anymore and the dishwasher has rejuvenated itself - but that isn't it - the water pressure is very low so suspect there is a leak somewhere between us and the well.
The rest of the move happens on Tuesday so it will be crafting and living in the Pennines! I have several lots of curtains and blinds to make - I thought shocking pink flamingo roman blind for the bathroom to go with the shocking pink towels and bathmat I got in a sale last week. Bought the fabric 'just in case' a couple of years ago from the big blue and yellow shop, the only problem is that I have rather a lot of 'just in case' fabric...... I am going to cannibalise my much loved navy blue beach hut and yacht curtains which are now in house no3 into a big roman blind and a curtain to cover a door for house no 4. I certainly do not intend to move again for quite a while. Have also got some Cath Kidston seconds fabric for the kitchen window again a big blind and a door curtain. I love roman blinds and they are relatively easy to make, I don't use a kit but put them onto a batten - will take pictures when done!


  1. Hello there and what an absolute nightmare with the septic tank etc. just as you are trying to pack and go. It really is bad luck all this happening now. Hopefully you will be all moved soon and starting out on a new adventure.
    Take care and hope all goes well.

  2. Good to see you're getting organised. I do wish I had a back up stash of wools/materials as have many of the people with blogs I've been reading about. My stash is out of date seeds that I hope will grow!

    Thinking of you Rachel x