Thursday, 7 January 2010

Still stuck, knitting fingerless gloves

Sorry to keep going on about the snow and being stuck and unable to get out - this is day 3 and likely to be so again tomorrow. The snow is coming down heavily this evening and we are at about -6 already, -11 is forecast! We have everything we need so it is just a matter of sitting it out, we are warm and have a big woodpile - the only I don't like is the UHT milk - I hate that sweetness that comes with it!
Have kept myself occupied today with cooking and knitting some cabled fingerless gloves, I quite liked my handwarmers that I knitted the other evening however these are much better and look great - I have done them in a pistachio colour 6 ply merino wool - very snug and warm!
We are on the move again - this time over to West Yorkshire to a little town in the Pennine foothills near to the Rowan mill and factory shop! Heaven! Being stuck inside is getting the boxing up done although this is not the big move we did over from the Hebrides. Major sort out then and a minor one happening again now - trying to get all my stuff down to two large wooden chests and a very large wicker commercial laundry basket - that is just the wool and fabric! I have this romantic idea of it all going on the back of a cart and being pulled off by a horse - maybe I am a romany at heart!

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  1. Hi Leda
    Hopefully you will see my note back on my blog saying yes please to any tweed scraps which you want rid of. I am almost salivating at the thought, sad isn't it but I love authentic fabrics.
    I don't envy you packing up all your craft things again, always difficult to whittle it down to a reasonable level.
    Happy box packing!