Sunday, 3 January 2010

Not again! more snow, polo necks and christmas prezzies

It's snowing again - big fluffy cotton wool balls. I used to be so excited but the novelty has worn off and the inconvenience has taken over! This house is big and draughty - have to pull all the very heavy curtains early, life is taken in hands going to the woodstore, seemed quite a good idea to site it at the end of the path however with a lot of snow on a very long roof, the logstore is in an avalanche area as the snow crashes off the roof to the ground! Hard hat required to fetch the logs and possibly a St Bernard too! It is so pretty but I think we will be cut off again tomorrow.
Have been out in the snow for a while - Hamish out in his new polo neck jumper, this is a design first and it is a bit long in the body, have to pull it up a bit to stay out of wee range! Keeps him very snug and warm although he did decide to roll in the snow. Also some pics of him eating his very posh biscuit, present from Rachel - a Canine Cookie from Harrods in the shape of a christmas tree and icing flavoured flavoured with cheese and marmite - possibly two of his favourite things!
The lovely mug with robins and the triangular plate behind are the work of my cousin - Hil, she gave me these for Christmas. She has just moved so is 'resting' at present but will start production again soon. She has to get her kiln moved which involves tail lift lorries and strong boys!
The Harris Tweed bucket bags are on e bay, have sold some already and more in production. I have also got some lovely Islay tweed from the woollen mill there - it is the Bruichladdich plaid, turquoise background with orange and navy blue, which I am going to make up into cushions and bags - will take some pictures. The sock production is in full swing, it's Andrew's (lecturer son) birthday in January and he seemed to rather like his Christmas socks so at the risk of being boring will give him some more for his birthday and maybe a couple of tweed cushions too - he is refurbing his little house in Manchester and tweed cushions will look good on his sofa when he gets one!
The flowers were the Christmas flowers from daughter Lizzie, she gets them from an amazing flowershop in Leicester where she lives, she puts the selection together herself and then it is handtied. They have lasted really well - there was a cabbage, roses, sea holly (dyed red), honesty, grasses. Very pretty.


  1. Sorry to read your place is draughty also, I think seeing a photo you had of a lovely log burning stove made me think it was all very toasty.
    Thermals are definitely the garments of choice and I'll probably be in mine til March!
    Hamish looks very handsome in his new sweater, I'm guessing it wasn't this cold in Harris and that he didn't need the sweaters up there.
    Also love the quirky robin mug.
    Lets hope the weather picks up soon.

  2. The woodburner is small and doesn't cope with the volume of space it is being asked to heat and it was probably put in the wrong place. If we were staying we would put in a double sided one that really whacks out the heat. Hebrides much more temperate than here - Gulfstream just windy. Hamish would be outside all day there winter and summer, he didn't ever want to be in!
    The mug is lovely it has little snowflakes in relief. I think the weather will get colder before it starts to get warmer. I am knitting wacky handwarmers from my sock ends, will put some piccies on - take care and keep warm x

  3. Look forward to seeing handwarmers.
    Big feather like snowflakes here today so looks like we'll all be snowed in again. Wish this weather would clear off back to Siberia!
    Sending you warm wishes also.