Friday, 16 July 2010

49 years is a long time ......

Met up with my cousin Paula whom I haven't seen for 49 years and in my excitement I forgot to take pictures as did she! We had quite a lot to talk about and wished we had allowed more time or perhaps spent a holiday together! Still we won't leave so long next time and I will remember the camera!
Tony has been experimenting with bread - it is the standard loaf from the recipe I developed with additions. The honey and olive oil in the bread make it keep well. Here is the basic recipe for a 2lb loaf. 1.5 lbs of wholemeal bread flour, 1 sachet of easy yeast, 1tblsp good quality olive oil, 1tblsp runny hunny, water is dependent on the absorption capabilities of the flour but a guide is 15fl ozs of finger hot water, for onion bread add about 4 ozs of fried dried onion in with the flour and yeast. I don't use salt. Can be shaped into a cob but Tony uses a 2lb loaf tin. As this is made using easy yeast it requires just one proving so when mixed to a smooth non sticky dough (takes about 10 mins in kitchenaid) shape it, into the lightly oiled tin, leave to prove in a warm place, inside a plastic carrier bag tie the handles, until doubled in size - probably about 25 mins. Another variation of this is to divide the mixture at the dough stage into two and shape into 2 cobs, onto a baking sheet, using the handle end or your forefinger poke 'holes' over the top of the loaves, pour a little olive oil into the holes with sprigs of fresh rosemary, grind of sea salt over the top, leave to prove (for a baking tray either use the carrier bag as above or use a clean bin bag) and bake for about 40 mins. Now Tony puts the dough into a cold oven - not preheated as he finds this gives a softer crust, set the oven to 160c that's for a fan oven. Turn the bread out of the tin or if cobs turn them over on the baking sheets, knock the bottoms - should sound hollow, return to the oven for another 5 mins just to ensure cooked through. Try to resist cutting chunks off and spreading with cold butter - sooo yummy! I love making bread and enjoyed developing this recipe, it also good with 2 ozs oats in with the flour - remember to take out 2 ozs of flour to accommodate the oats or you will end up with a very dry crumbly loaf. When shaping the loaf - use some oats mixed in with the flour and sprinkle over the top. Enjoy!

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