Monday, 2 August 2010

ladies that lunch

Had a lovely day at Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my friend Moira. We met for lunch and a natter. The Park was quite busy as it was the first week of the summer hols - we had a great lunch and wander around the walled garden and viewed the David Nash exhibition in the Bothy and the underground gallery - all very woody and a lot of it very charred, not allowed to take pics but have taken some of the espaliered apples in the walled garden. Lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.
I haven't been very creative of late - I have been undertaking training for CAB which has been quite intensive and time consuming however I have now been turned loose on the public - enjoying it! I will be getting back to crafting very soon - more bags to make and I am going to Fabworks - a fabric/trimmings/beads warehouse in Dewsbury on Thursday with my friend Lynne. Lynne makes bags in Sanderson and Liberty fabrics. Anyway we are off for a bit of Fabworks therapy! Will take some pictures if allowed.
Daughter Lizzie runs, with her partner, a catering company - I make the cakes! The favourite dessert is Choccy fridge cake - made 280 portions for a function today - so delivered it yesterday to Leicester. My position within the company is chief cake maker! Suppose we all have our uses!


  1. well hello there short legs the sheep lol ...ive bobbed over from swapaskill lol ...
    If you come into leeds again would love to meet up for a crafty chin wag !
    Intriqued about the fabworks , would love to hear more about it ... my daughter is learning to sew , well shes trying lol !!

  2. Hello

    I could use some fabric therapy...I am one of those fabric gatherers..gathering for a rainy day. My local fabric shops have such a poor choice. When I see the choice you all have overseas, its very enviable.. So, I hope you had a wonderful day. Do let us know what you will be making next.

    A happy day to you
    Warmr egards