Friday, 5 June 2009

Time flies when you are having fun! Have been busy with a holiday to Norfolk, my father in law having surgery and some 'sweatshop' work for daughter Lizzie who had a pile of appliqueing to do on one of her fabric designs - Mum was just the person to do it!
Went off to Norfolk thinking wellies and umbrellas but in actual fact had a lovely sunny week and had to go off and buy suncream. We (Tony, Hamish and I) stayed in a converted boatshed at the end of a broad, much entertainment outside as the big holidaymaker boats struggled to execute 3 point turns under the balcony. The boatshed was upside down with the bedrooms downstairs and the sitting room, kitchen and balcony upstairs. We had a relaxing time spent drifitng around - there were some lovely out of the way places - Horsey Mill and Waxham Barn that were absolutely delightful. We also had a trip on the Bure Light Railway - here is Hamish on the little train. The Shire Horse Sanctuary nr. Aylsham was wonderful, huge area to wander around in and lots of rescued animals - battery hens, alpacas (the wool would be wonderful!!), pigs, turkeys rescued from the 'bootifull' man - a lovely relaxed space to be in and a veggie cafe!
Back to the real world - the wool destash is going well, I am sending wool to all parts - Sweden, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Ireland and the UK, still got a lot but the pile is going down. I am making bags - a shopper/tote mainly from vintage fabrics, they are nice to use as a summer bag, for crafting or for shopping instead of the plastic handouts - they are fun - pink flamingos, strawberries, lighthouses, stripes and Harris Tweed. I have called them Tinshedbags as I want to keep the name going. Will get some pictures done and on line. I am knitting socks - of course and beach huts - did you watch Kirsty's Home Made Home? Mine are a bit bigger than the 'draught excluder' that was made for her and are more like cushions! They look quite good balancing on the back of the sofa. It was knitting group last week - I still don't think they 'get' me with my offbeat designs - still part of life's rich tapestry. My cousin Hil, who is a ceramicist, makes little knitted shoes that sells with her own design nursery set - porringer and mug, she is now making porcelain buttons - daisies and stars, when I lay my hands on some I will get them on here - she is down in Dorset but will hopefully be moving north to Derbyshire.
I am off down to Leicester again next week for Lizzie's graduate show. I had a demand for old deckchairs to recanvas - thank goodness for carboot sales! I want the vintage canvas that comes off though - lovely washed out stripes. Lizzie is replacing them with new printed canvas she has designed, she is keeping the wooden frames vintage not painting them. Looking forward to seeing the show!
I am busy choosing fruit trees for my orchard - planning on planting 5 trees (which is apparently an orchard) in the hen pen. The hen ark will hopefully be put up this week and I will get it painted - I thought wishy washy blue or pale green. Bit of fencing to do and I have told Tony I want him to pee around the perimeter of the hen pen as that keeps the foxes away and on that note I shall go - breakfast calling!


  1. Hi Leda,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving some good ideas for growing in tubs and things. I'm quite new to blogging so wasn't sure if I leave the reply comment on my blog or yours so did it this way.
    I have actually started a cherry tomato on a windowsill but it seems to have gone a bit leggy, still I will persevere. I'm a bit careful what I grow outside as we have quite a few rats about here and I've had rats & mice eat my cherry toms from tubs before. The cottage is on a farm estate and rats seem to go with the territory, quite difficult to put traps down due to other wildlife so I think herbs etc on windowsills is my best bet.
    Looks like you picked a great weather week for Norfolk.
    You asked about Skye, I first went 11 years ago and fell in love with the place straight away and fortunately so did my other half. We have been going on hols there ever since and been looking for property or land seriously the last 5 years. It has just got to the point where Skye feels more like home than here and we want to live a simple life growing food, being creative and enjoying the outdoors. I"ve gradually started to make friends up there due to visiting quite often and the current plan is to find some land and build some sort of eco friendly house for us and a self catering cottage which will be our source of income. As you know it's difficult to bring in much money with crafts alone so that will just be pocket money.
    It's taken 5 years to get to the point we are at where we have sold our last house and been renting for 2 years all ready to go if an opportunity presents itself, don't think a move will happen quickly so I'm sure we will get chance to meet before then.
    I've also been curious since finding your blog what made you leave Harris & come to E, Yorks? I know the Wolds are our highest point round here but don't you miss the mountains & sea?
    I have enrolled on a free 5 week sewing course which starts this saturday morning at Driffiled school, my sewing is fairly basic so this should be good.
    I read on one of your blog entries you had enquired about a craft stall somewhere or it may have been farmers market and it was about £45. I don't know if you have heard about the Summer Festival in Brid in July, they have some craft stalls and it's quite a lovely event in the old town area and the stalls for this year are £20. Here is the link if interested:
    Somewhere I am hoping to approach soon with my craft stuff is the craft gallery at Wolds Village in Bainton. Definitely worth a look, nothing totally out of the ordinary but they get a lot of tourists and my friend has some paintings in there which have been selling well. It is also nice for a tea & cake in the cafe.
    Anyway have wittered on, lovely to 'talk' to you,
    Sally (aka Patty)

  2. Hi Leda, Good to see you back online and glad the hols went well. You sound busy. Did you see pics of Daisy? I have the wool in a carrier bag - let me know if you want it sent on, or spun, or whatever else you may have in mind. Good luck with keeping the foxes out of the hen run - interesting idea using Tony as repellant, but I though it worked better if you got tiger droppings or somesuch from the local zoo. Anyway, keep knitting. S