Thursday, 7 May 2009

Destashing ......

I am having a major destash firstly of wool and then later vintage fabrics. Firstly wool, I have got a lot of hanks of 100% aran weight tweed wool that is an overrun on a well known manufacturers order. However it is not in those nice little balls that cost a lot of money but in hanks that are approx 630gms which should be sufficient for an adult sweater knitted on 5 mm needles but do a tension test first! It is handwash or dry clean and available in various colours - it is on e bay for sale - put in Scottish aran weight 100% wool and it will come up. It is lovely to knit with whether jumper, socks, hats, scarves or tea cosies! I need the space back in my store room so the wool has to go and then I have some vintage Harris Tweed and some Islay tweed and tartan plus lots of vintage fabrics that I will put on e bay.
Lovely day here today in the East Riding, the bluebells are out and the hedgerow is looking luscious - will get some pictures tomorrow. Foxgloves are shooting up and the gooseberry bush is covered in fruit - not that I like gooseberries but hopefully someone will. I don't like the seeds for some reason they always remind me of okra! The apple blossom is lovely too and smells absolutely delightful.
I am busy knitting fat fish and beach huts - I am going to have a lot of pics to take!


  1. I love gooseberry crumble. Remember when I was a child my dad said to keep away from the gooseberry bushes because he buried all his used razor blades (the old fashioned double sided Gillette ones) under them so that the gooseberries wouldn't be hairy! Oh dear, for many years I believed him!

  2. I will make them into crumble and let you know so you can pop over and have some! I was told as a child by a 'doting' uncle that the 'blood' in blood oranges (now ruby oranges) was there because the orange trees had been planted in graveyards and I believed that for years too! I prefer your story!

  3. HI there,
    I first found a link to your blog from a knitting forum and have enjoyed reading about your move from Harris to E. Yorks. Also found it great to see what crafts other people get up to.
    My life is a bit opposite of yours, I also currently live in the Wolds not far from Driffield although we are hoping to move to Skye in the not too distant. I'm a keen crafter of all things quirky and I fully appreciate your views that the craft scene isn't a patch here on what it is in the Highlands & Islands. It's getting better though.
    I've recently become a member of East Riding Artists and it's great getting to network with more creative people.
    I was curious about the crafting group you have joined in the Wolds, do they have a website at all.
    Happy crafting!
    Patty, my blog if you fancy a look is