Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hamish on strike, knitting, Teds and hens

Hamish the westie is on food strike again! Nothing new but turning his nose up at home made beef stew is a bit brutal! For those of you who don't know Hamish - he has always been rather particular about his food - very particular about not eating it! He'll eat mine and anything that is handed to him under the table but not in a dish on the floor. Other dogs don't seem to have any problem eating from dishes on the floor but not Hamish. We have been in situations where we have visited other dogs' houses and the food is guarded (Bramble @ Scalpay Linen does this) but Hamish couldn't give two hoots and when Bramble visited us she woofed down Hamish's food. I know of another westie who is even fussier - that's Chico at Aird Ashaig, she has lamb cutlets for tea every night - well I am not going that far! He will have to go hungry until he decides to eat, I am sure he won't fade away!
Was in Pocklington twice today - once for the market and the woolshop and then later for the craft group. Bought some Regia sock wool, this time in pinks and fair isle, which will knit up in stripes and another sock wool by King Cole which is white/pink/green/peach, it looks nice in the ball but has a rather dated effect when knitted up rather like those early random knits - very disappointing and bland - not the impact that the Regia and Opal wools have - so won't use that again!
At the craft group lots of stuff going on - some proddy, some knitting and crocheting with plastic bags, a lot of socks, hats and tiny body warmers being knitted for the special care baby unit in York - these are really tiny little ribbed beanies and little body warmers that open on the front and on the shoulder for little ones who weigh about 2lbs, some of the little hats have eyelets around the rim to allow all the tubes to be passed through whilst keeping the baby's head warm. I will get some pics of the hats and bodywarmers. They are so lovely.
I am knitting Teds again. Did a lot when I was on Harris for Harris Voluntary Services who were organising Teds for use on emergency vehicles, the idea being that if a child or older person was in distress they would be given a Ted as theirs to keep. The Teds were knitted to a standard pattern in one long length, folded over, stuffed and embellished. Really effective. Here is a Ted that I knitted recently although this one is not for passing on as he is rather fluffy and has a ribbon rather than the sewn on knitted scarf. This time the Teds are for use in A&E departments same as the emergency vehicles, will post a pic of the group when done! But here is one to be going on with.
I won the ark on e bay and it arrived today in a big box weighing 34 kgs, the next jobs are the fencing and the hens themselves. There is a farm supplier down in Market Weighton - will trot off down there and see what I can find. Mick (the ploughman) reckons the posts are going to be difficult to get in - none of that softish Hebridean peat here just rock hard chalk! The hens will come from the Livestock market that is held in York on Mondays. Apparently the bank holiday markets are the best ones but we won't be ready in time for next Monday! I thought I would like pure bred but think that maybe Heinz 57 type hens will be best to start with although I would like some Arucanas, the eggs that I used to get from Sheila were wonderful and so pretty!
Anyway off to see if Hamish has scoffed his tea - watch this space!


  1. Tell Hamish from Bramble that she will come down and eat his food - it sounds so much better than hers!
    Glad you are keeping busy with the Teds. For a moment I thought it was a bunch of Teddy Boys you'd taken up with! (Now that dates me doesn't it.)
    Is there anyone in your craft group who might be interested in milk protein fibre for spinning? No commitment, just expression of interest. I might be able to get some, but too much for my needs and I'm casting about trying to see if there is a demand for it.

  2. Oh and chico was put to sleep! See you're missing out on news....