Thursday, 16 April 2009

Being crafty and dotty

Here I am again blogging away! Lizzie has arrived home from Uni for a couple of nights bringing with her the 3m length of fabric she has been working on for sometime - she has designed the print, applied the print and is now embellishing which is where I come in - tomorrow is attaching day - lots and lots of little dots. Once it has been submitted I will put a pic on here of her work. She is in the final weeks of her degree and as yet no job!
I have had the needles clacking away making socks - here are some just finished made in Regia sock wool - it is lovely to knit with but makes you very lazy cos all you have to do is go round and round on the four needles. This pair and others are for sale on along with other items - my little shop is called the tin shed and is full of crafty bits and pieces which are added to regularly. I have also made some cute little socks for a 3 month old in debbie bliss cashmerino, they are lovely - really soft and some birds in harris tweed. The teeny beanie is in rowan organic eco cotton - didn't like it very squeaky on the needles - I use lovely tasmanian oak needles. The hat is knitted from the top down so you start with the i-cord and then increase downwards on 4 needles giving a nice wheel effect on the crown of the hat.
The weather here on the Wold has been very foggy, very damp and dreek. The tractor has been in to cut the grass in the front garden - that is the job for Sunday raking it all up - hopefully it will be a bit drier by then. The Farmers Market is on this Saturday and I have been thinking about taking a stall there. Another lady has a stall doing crafty bits and pieces. The market is increasing in popularity and seems to attract quite a lot of visitors.
We have a bit of land at the side of the house and I am thinking (again) of hens. Didn't quite get round to hens on Harris - the hen house was built and ready, the hens just didn't arrive but I think we will get the bit of ground here hen proofed and go for it. I was thinking some Buff Orpingtons, some Aruacanas and some speckedly ones - maybe Scots greys. There is a breeder close by so will go along and see what he has at point of lay at take it from there. The hen house is still on Harris - Tony will have to get the hammer, nails and wood out and get going! Maybe the pheasants and partridges that live in the hedge will move in too!

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  1. Great to see you back on the blog, hope you are all OK, and settling in, big wave to Lizzie......