Friday, 18 December 2009

snow and christmas cakes

It's happened - the snow and we are snowed in. Woke up to quite a deep snowfall but it has continued with big fluffy snowflakes through the day, thought I had better pop down into the village to stock up and got stuck on the hill by the church. Snowing again tonight so think we may well be stuck although a tractor did go down the lane not so long ago.
Finished icing two of the christmas cakes today - they look lovely on the dresser, they are twin cakes - they are both more or less the same, no arguments then! One for son Andrew and the other for Hil. Have used glitter on the sugar paste to add a bit more of a christmassy feel. Hil, my cousin is planning on visiting, she has just moved - the main roads are fine as they are gritted but will have to go out in the morning and see if she is likely to get through. Have tidied up the dining end in expectation - have made a load more bucket bags which I will photograph tomorrow along with some corsage that I have made and my daughter Lizzie has made and of course the socks! Hil is a ceramicist and is bringing me a plate she has designed and fired.
Here are some pics of the house in the snow and the cakes!


  1. Hi there,
    Your place is looking really festive and the cakes look fab. Look forward to seeing posts of bags etc. you've been busy making.
    Festive greetings,

  2. Hi Sally! It looks as if you have been pretty busy too! Some more bags to see and socks! Liked the 'flying visit to Skye' - I flew through there at the beginning of September, it always amazed me how much Scotland there is above Glasgow and how long it takes! Hope you dropped into the Green Wellystop for cullen skink!
    Merry Christmas